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Gastropub: The Ultimate Comfort Food Experience

Leicester, just a stone's throw from Asheville, has become home to the latest culinary sensation from the team behind Sovereign Remedies.

The Good AF (Good Asheville Food) food truck, created by the same talented group responsible for the iconic Asheville dining spot, has been delighting food lovers with their commitment to community, quality ingredients, and exceptional culinary experiences. And now, they're introducing a brand-new Gastropub menu that is set to become an instant favorite.

Starting this month, the Good AF food truck will be stationed at Sovereign Remedies Exchange every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm, offering the alluring Gastropub menu. Curated by Executive Chef David Van Tassel, the menu brings together comforting dishes prepared with top-notch ingredients and expert culinary techniques.

The Gastropub menu boasts a diverse array of delectable options, including Crispy Fried Green Beans, Good AF Frites, Ceviche, David's Cast Iron Cornbread, Soup of the Day, The Sovereign Burger, Fish-N-Chips, 'Banger' & Boxty, Pickled Brined Chicken Sando, Ancient Grain Bowl, Poutine, and a Seasonal Salad. Each dish showcases Good AF's dedication to quality and their ongoing support for local farmers and vendors.

To enhance your Gastropub dining experience, pair your meal with a selection of handpicked craft beers on tap or fine wines from around the world, available at Sovereign Remedies Exchange. The thoughtfully chosen beverages perfectly complement each dish, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable culinary journey.

The Gastropub menu has already gained the admiration of locals who have tried it. Their appreciation for the innovative flavors and comforting dishes is a testament to the dedication and skill of the team behind Good AF. Whether you're planning a family outing, a casual date, or just looking for a fantastic meal, the Good AF food truck and its Gastropub menu are the perfect choice.

Don't miss this extraordinary gastronomic experience. Head to the Good AF food truck at Sovereign Remedies Exchange and savor the exceptional flavors of the Gastropub menu. In the words of the Good AF team, they are on an "everlasting mission to provide Good Asheville Food to Good Asheville People." So, gather your loved ones, and treat yourself to a delightful comfort food experience that only Good AF's Gastropub can offer.

Content by Brian Konutko


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