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Leicester's Heartbeat: The Inaugural Community Day at SRX

Leicester, NC, a jewel nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a town that pulsates with community spirit, and nothing embodies this ethos more than the upcoming Community Day at Sovereign Remedies Exchange (SRX).

Mark your calendars for July 22nd, from 12pm to 5pm, when SRX transforms into a bustling hub of local vendors, storytelling, networking, and good old-fashioned neighborly love. This isn't merely an event, it's a manifestation of what makes Leicester special — its people.

This Community Day is a celebration of shared narratives, an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, exchange stories, share favorite recipes, and allow our children to forge friendships that could last a lifetime. From meeting your neighbor's friendly dog to discovering a local maker's craft, every interaction weaves a thread into our town's rich social fabric.

Front view of Sovereign Remedies Exchange, a lively local coffee shop in Leicester, photographed by the talented Brian Konutko.

The event is open to all Leicester residents — vendors, families, friends, newcomers, and old-timers alike. In the spirit of community, we're waiving all vendor setup fees. So, if you have a skill, product, or passion to share, this is your stage. We're thrilled to announce that our first confirmed vendor, Cindy Osborne, will be offering chair massages from 2 to 5pm.

Yet, the celebration of community spirit doesn't end there. SRX is bringing you a summer full of joyous events, starting with our 'Tap Takeovers'. From July to September, we're featuring fantastic local breweries for $5 pints. Savor the expertise of French Broad on July 13th, Outsider Brewing on August 10th, and Foothills Brewing on September 21st. Each event is not just a testament to our local breweries' craft but also a chance to raise a toast to our town's camaraderie.

Leicester's culinary artist at work, expertly photographed by Brian Konutko, depicting the passion and dedication behind the delicious meals at Sovereign Remedies Exchange.

While you sip and socialize, don't forget about the much-loved food truck, now back at full force after a brief hiccup. From Tacos on Tuesdays to the delectable gastropub dinner menu from Wednesday to Friday, your weeknights are covered. But we don't stop there; indulge in our irresistible brunch offerings every Saturday and Sunday, with occasional surprise pop-ups on Mondays and Saturday evenings.

Adding to the charm, resident photographer Brian Konutko has been capturing these precious moments, turning them into keepsakes that celebrate our unity. Find him during our community day, say hi, and let him capture your smile.

As we continue to foster our local collaborations, we are elated to serve a medley of one of a kind delights, brought to you by our extraordinary local vendors. Gallivant's vegan pastries, a treat for both the eyes and the palate, are a testament to the creativity of local culinary artistry. Beth's baked goods bring to your table the heartwarming flavors that embody the essence of Southern comfort food. And, to kickstart your day, or perhaps as a companion to a late-night conversation, flowermouth's special coffee blend, crafted exclusively for SRX, promises to add an invigorating touch to your daily routine. Each bite, each sip, celebrates our shared commitment to cherish and support local businesses while savoring homegrown delights.

As we look forward to a beautiful shared summer at SRX, we hope it will not only bring fun and frolic but also serve as a reminder of our shared identity, pride, and the remarkable spirit of Leicester. So, here's to a season of unity, creativity, and community — a season that truly celebrates the essence of being a part of Leicester. Here's to us, Leicester. Cheers!

Article & Photography by Brian Konutko


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